Yo Soy Libre - Now I Am Free

Yo Soy Libre - Now I Am Free!  - Click to Listen <-- OR Download

I hope to have a professionally recorded version here in the near future.

Special thank you to writer and composer: Isai Saucedo Lopez





Llegaste a mi vida Cuando más lo necesitaba


Sanando heridas Que a mí corazón atormentaba


Soplaste vida en mi Hoy vuelvo a vivir


Y soy libre al fin


Libre, del pecado que me ataba


Libre, de amargura y rencor


Libre, por tu sangre oh mi Cristo


Repeat: // Yo soy libre. //




Lyrics in Engish

I was desperate and you came into my life


Healing all the wounds and pain in my troubled heart


You breathed life in me I’m alive again


I am free at last


Free from the sins that bound me

Free from bitterness and resentment


Freedom by your blood my Jesus


Now I’m free (Repeat 3Xs)