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Yo Soy Libre - Now I Am Free


2021 New English Version - Now I Am Free

2021 New Spanish Version - Yo Soy Libre


This is the recording when it was first introduced at the Exodus Latin American Conference called "FREEDOM!" based on my book Freedom Realized in February of 2020!

Yo Soy Libre - Now I Am Free! (LIVE AT THE CONFERENCE)

Special thank you to writer and composer: Isai Saucedo Lopez





Llegaste a mi vida Cuando más lo necesitaba


Sanando heridas Que a mí corazón atormentaba


Soplaste vida en mi Hoy vuelvo a vivir


Y soy libre al fin


Libre, del pecado que me ataba


Libre, de amargura y rencor


Libre, por tu sangre oh mi Cristo


Repeat: // Yo soy libre. //




Lyrics in Engish

I was desperate and you came into my life


Healing all the wounds and pain in my troubled heart


You breathed life in me I’m alive again


I am free at last


I am free from the sins that bound me

I am free from bitterness and resentment


I am free by your blood my Jesus


Now I’m free (Repeat 3Xs)